Saturday, August 23, 2008

We made it through the first week

Both girls had a great week. Becca is doing fantastic in her class. Bridget is making new friends and already really likes her teacher. She went to all her specials this week and like them all. She told me that Spanish was boring. Since she doesn't know any Spanish I was confused by her statement. We talked about things being boring and she decided that boring wasn't really the right word, it was actually cool.

Friday, after school, she did not get off the bus. I started to panic when the driver called out for her and she still didn't appear. Then I asked Abby to get back on and go look for her. She was there and apparently very busy with a conversation. Whew!

I guess the warning on Monday about not forgetting to get off didn't sink in.

My week went pretty smooth. After I got home one day my tire went flat. I was annoyed, but grateful that I noticed before morning. Becca was amazed that tires really go flat. She thought that only happened on tv. Too bad that isn't true!

The teacher I work with is amazing! She is so, so, so patient. You can tell she just loves these kids and they love her. I am trying to mimic her and do things her way. Honestly, there are times that I have to check myself because her way is not my first reaction. I hope she thinks I'm doing okay. We don't get time to chat much, so I need to find a moment to ask her. Most of the kids in my class are sweet and good. There is one that is a huge challenge for me. I hope this one settles into the rules and procedures very soon (but I'm not holding my breath ).

The pictures are the rest of the first day of school that I couldn't get loaded the other day. Bridget getting on the bus and not looking back. My neighbor said that is a sign of a well adjusted child--she is confident. I guess that is good, but a wave would be nice. Becca with her teacher. Then Bridget at her desk (courtesy of my neighbor).


Shawn said...

Glad the girls are enjoying school!

Kristin Michelle said...

Glad somebody got some photos of Bridget's first day!
She looks so cute and grown sitting behind her desk!