Monday, August 18, 2008

What a Day!

Today was the first day of school for Bridget, Becca, and ME! I'll just be honest and say I have been FREAKING out about sending Bridget on the bus. She is so, so, so excited about it. He excitement and my anxiety were probably equal.

SO after all three of us were dressed, it was first day of school picture time. The girls were good sports about it. Then it was time for Bridget to catch the bus. I was practicing my deep breathing at this point. She gets on two houses down. There is a nice 4th grader that waits with her, so that is nice. This girls reminded Bridget that the most important thing about riding the bus is remembering to get off on the way home. That made me laugh. It seems she forgot a couple times last year. But she said, not to worry, the driver comes right back and gets them home.

The bus pulled up, the door opened, and off she went. The bus driver was really nice and he told her his name, asked hers and HE had time for a wave to me. Bridget found her friend and sat down. She did manage a short wave as they drove off. More deep breathing.

I was feeling a bit panicked, but I had no time to dwell. I had to get off to drop off Becca and start my job. Becca was the first one there and she jumped right into work. Becca's class and mine have recess and lunch together. It is refreshing to see her in this setting. She wasn't distracted with me. She was too busy being all big.

I felt out of place all morning, but once I figure out timing and where things are it will be all good. I enjoyed the day, but I felt a little more panic when I was left alone with a classroom of children for 30 minutes. Today, tomorrow, and Wed. are small classes as the returning students from last year don't come back until Thursday. That is a very good thing.

Becca's teacher told me that Becca took great notes from Bridget on the classroom because she was a leader for the other kids all day. Way to go Becca!

Bridget made it home fine. She had a good day. Her favorite part of the day was recess (of course!). She was happy to see a montessori friend and they had lunch together and recess time. During afternoon snack time Bridget and a few other new first graders had a tour of the school. She informed me that she wants to take her lunch tomorrow. I hope I can sleep better tonight knowing that the school and bus driver didn't lose her today.

Oh and thanks to my neighbor. She followed the bus to school and got a few shots for me.

I have more photos to add, but Blogger is not cooperating and I'm heading to bed. I'll fight with this later--check back.


JGRAHAM24 said...

Sounds like you all had a great day and the girls looked great! No picture of mommy on her first day? Hard to believe how quickly time goes by isn't it? Enjoy!

Shawn said...

Bethany has the same backpack as Bridget! Sounds like a good day back to school! We start wednesday!

Kristin Michelle said...

they both looked adorable...but what did you wear on your first day???
happy to hear everyone had a great first day!

Maricar said...

Thanks for sharing about your day. My Bekah will ride the bus this year, and like you I'm a bit nervous ... but with two others to get to school as well, I won't have time to dwell on my anxieties.

Those are darling pictures. I'd love to see the "on the bus" pictures (so I will know what shots I want to take!) ...

Enjoy your new job!

Annette said...

The girls are just adorable!!!

Lisa said...

They are absolutely adorable! How's the teaching going?