Monday, August 25, 2008

And on Monday

I woke up with a sore throat. It seemed the kids germs are already getting me maybe. I sucked in as much Vitamin C and water as I could. I don't usually like peanut butter that much, but it felt good today and I just ate it by the spoonful. Tonight, I think I might have won. I feel just a tingle in my throat, better than last night.

Today the troublesome kid was in rare form. I was afraid he would cause some injury today, but everybody made it thru the day safe thankfully. The little one that cried ALL DAY on Friday, only cried a few minutes today. Yippy!

I don't know if I mentioned I had a flat tire last week. Well, to get my van up to have the tire patched, I needed to inflate it. My neighbor provided the air compressor. In my stressed moment I unplugged the deep freezer to plug in the extension cord for the compressor. (You know where this is going right? ) Yep, I did not plug the deep freeze back in. I just noticed tonight. Damn, that was stupid! Thankfully I didn't have a bunch of Social Supper meals in there. Guess we will be having a big trash day this week.

Have I mentioned that my neighbors are awesome? Well, they are! I have great people all around me. I noticed that there was something wrong with one of the guinea pig's eye. I read that sometimes a little piece of the hay they eat can get in the eye and cause problems. I figured and hoped that was all it was, but as I am not a Vet, how would I tell. Guess what? The lady across the street IS a Vet. I asked her to take a look and she happily agreed. I wasn't sure if all Vets treat guinea pigs or not. She said she doesn't, but another doctor in her office does. (By the way, I thought this was cute--they call small pets like this "pocket pets")

She thought I was right and there was something in the eye. She said she couldn't fix it though. Then she went way above what I would have asked and she called her partner (who treats the guinea pigs) and asked if she would treat this for her. So today, my neighbor took my--I mean Bridget's little piggie to her office, her partner treated him, and then she brought him home. THEN, there is more! She forgot the eye drops and antibiotics he needs, so the tech from the office brought them to her and she came over and showed us how to administer them. Yep, she rocks!

So I have the neighbor behind me that just helps with everything all the time. In the cul-de-sac we have the Veterinarian, a Pediatric Nurse that works at Children's Mercy, and a Police Office on the corner. Good people to have around I tell you!


Maricar said...

Now THAT is a great set of neighbors ...

Shawn said...

It does rock to have good neighbors! Maybe one of them works at a car repair place! :)I hope you feel better! I need to give you some local honey that works too!

JGRAHAM24 said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well and glad you are on the mend. So did you interview the neighbors b4 you bought the house? Are you changing vets soon? Back to social suppers for you young lady! Joanne