Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things we have learned about Ruby so far

1. I have combed enough fur off this dog to make a rug for the living room. On top of that, I have only been able to get to about half of her so far. I didn't find any fleas or ticks on her--I expected to.
2. She loves everybody. She wants you to love on her all the time. She is content to lay on the floor with Bridget, serving as a pillow.
3. She figured out how to open the gate between us and the neighbor behind us. If I put her outside, unattended, for more than a minute, she runs over to seek love from the neighbors.
4. She seems to be housebroken so far.
5. We were told she was mostly an outdoor dog. I don't believe this at all.
6. She is a very messy drinker, but not much of an eater.
7. She is NOT brave. She does NOT like thunder. Last night she sat and pushed her head behind my back to hide.
8. She does NOT like raised voices. Even if it is just excitement, she gets all nervous.
9. She is not used to stairs. She will come up to the bedrooms, but is very hesitant to go down. She refuses to go down the stairs to the garage and basement.
10. She does not know how to fetch and has zero interest in toys. This makes her fit in perfect. We only accept lazy dogs.


Micki said...

"Fits in perfect" - you really made me laugh. TFS!

KELLY said...

Sounds like Ruby is fitting in rather nicely. The picture in the previous post is great -- she looks so happy. (So does her new friend!)

Maricar said...

Oh, you're so lucky to find a good dog.

Lisa said...

LOL at your comment about lazy dogs. So glad she blended into the family so easily!