Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cousins come to visit

Last week my SIL was needing to take Dennis and Daniel to their two month doctor visit. She expressed some concern about taking all the kids with her. This seemed like a nightmare to me, so I told her I would be happy to watch the other kids while she went to the doctor. So Kynzie and Max got to visit for a short time. I think they had a good time while here. They got to ride around in the jeep out back. Kynzie said that was fun because she had never been able to drive before. Funny, all the other four year olds are driving these days--the poor deprived girl! Becca and Max played with the tools and fixed a few things, then the girls had a tea party! Fun times!

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Maricar said...

Wow. You have a lot of toys. I won't show this to my Bekah. She'll think I've deprived her! :)