Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A new addition

We have been having a debate in my house. You see, Belle is old, and not doing the best. We know her days are (very sady) numbered. That is just a fact. She is cranky and not much fun. Schaun has wanted another dog since we lost his little Yorkie friend, Stinky. {For the record, Stinky came to us named Belle, and we already had a Belle. So we had two Belles. Sound familiar?--my email address. Anyways...} I think we should wait until we are down to one dog before getting another, but Schaun wants to get one now. Sometimes you gotta give right?

So Schaun has been reading the Craiglist's pet ads for a long time now. It is sort of fun to read them. I now do it too all the time. He had decided he wants a Pug. I want and have always wanted a Golden Retriever. The other night on Craigslist was an ad for two Golden's. One female and male. I thought, awwww, then the kicker--they were free! What? Free Golden's? There must be some catch. Schaun called the guy, got the story, it seemed legit. Schaun made arrangements for us to go see the dogs last night.

I was hesitant and reluctant. Three dogs is a lot. We have done it before and we had two cats then too.

Then we drove up and saw the dogs. I really had no resistance. They were exactly what I have wanted and we will probably never find such beautiful ones for free again. So we have a new friend here.

Her name is Ruby. She is around five years old. She desperately needs a bath. I'm not sure if she is housebroke, but I think she probably is. She is submissive and happy. She loves everybody. She isn't bothered by Belle and Daisy, and they took to her just fine last night. We got a large kennel and she slept in it without complaint.

So today, she will be getting a bath. She had been living outside, she is so, so dirty. Bridget is in love with her. It is so cute. She begged me to take their picture together last night. (It was hot and we were out there for a long time. That is why she (Bridget) looks so sweaty).


JGRAHAM24 said...

Ruby is so pretty - I can't believe you didn't bring the male home too! Bridget looks great with her! Enjoy - Joanne

Maricar said...

Ruby looks like a great dog!

Shawn said...

She is so pretty! That is awesome you gave her a new home :)

Kristin Michelle said...

my new niece is a dog????
oh well at least she is cute!

they could enter a owner/pet look alike contest! the hair and those chubby cheeks!