Friday, May 30, 2008

Transition week

This was a odd week. Of course we had the holiday on Monday and that just throws this off. This was also the first week that both girls were out of school. Becca is missing her alone time during the day I think. She has not been behaving very nice. I hope that doesn't last.

Tuesday we had a tour of the elementary school that Bridget will attend next Fall. It was a fantastic school! I think Bridget is going to really like it there. I have to say that schools are so different now. Long ago when I was in elementary school, everything was all white and grey, tile floors, single desks in tidy rows, very sterile. This school was a rainbow, all carpeted, and most rooms had tables not desks. Each room was welcoming and looked interactive. She will have 5 special classes: Spanish, PE, music, art, and computer. I asked her what she liked the best and thought she would say the art room. Nope, she thought the cafeteria was really cool. She is most excited about riding the bus (which I have mixed feelings about). I am going to let her ride though. If she changes her mind and doesn't think that is so cool, I will gladly take her.

In other news, my van turned over 100,000 miles on Wed. and instantly started to malfunction. So I am without a vehicle for now. I took it to a shop, they had it all day yesterday and I am little scared because they cannot figure out what the problem is. Ugh! I am trying to be positive and remember that I have had a repair free van for over 2 years. Hopefully I will get it back today.

Before the van got sick, I drove to Kristin's new house. It is a very nice house. Perfect for them. Kristin gets her scraproom, Sawyer gets his own bedroom, and Mark gets a big garage.

I am not happy with my scraproom, so I am fixing it. Right now it looks like I just moved in again. This time I have a plan though, so it should be all good when I'm done. So that is what I'll be doing this weekend.


Maricar said...

For some crazy reason, I hadn't visited your blog in awhile. It was nice to read and catch up with life in your house!

Lisa said...

Very cool that she'll take Spanish! Hope your scrap room works out the way you want it to :)

Shawn said...

I have something for your new room :)

Maricar said...

Came by to see if you had updated over the weekend ... I'll check back later!