Friday, May 23, 2008


That is how I feel about Bridget leaving the Montessori school. We are just bursting with pride about how far she has come there. Just seeing her interact with almost the entire school population is so fun, what she learned there was phenomenal, and her independence and confidence amaze me. It warms my heart to hear her teacher and all the staff say how kind she is.

The little graduation ceremony was just adorable. Each child stood up and stated what they wanted to be. Bridget said a teacher. Some of the other kids said doctor, motorcycle rider, a cop, and a paleontologist (I don't even know how to spell that one). They were so cute. They each walked up, shook hands and received their diploma from Mrs. Crawford. So, so cute.

Today was the end of the year picnic. We had our lunch on the playground, there was play time and then goodbyes. Bridget hugged her teacher and assistant teacher. Mrs. Paris got all teary and I was fighting it. Then on the way out the front, the administrator, Mrs. Young, gave Bridget big hugs and said how much she was going to miss Bridget greeting her every morning. She was crying, I was fighting it still, a little teary. Bridget seemed okay still. We got loaded up in the van and started home. About 2 minutes into the drive Bridget lost it. She was so upset. She doesn't want to leave Mrs. Paris. That was all I could take--we were both crying. I wish she could just stay there forever. I gave it my best "next year will be so fun talk", but it didn't matter. When you are sad, you are just need to be sad.

Thankfully it didn't last. When we got home, she cried for a few more minutes, but then it seemed to pass. She said, " I just had to get the sad tears out and now I feel better". Awwwwwwwwww!

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Shawn said...

so cute!! Good memories will be with her forever :)