Monday, June 02, 2008

Nothing much to say

There is not much going on here to report. The van is fixed. The girls are happy playing with the girls that live behind us ALL THE TIME. They practically pass out at night. They have never played outside so much. The already have tans going on. It is nice to have the neighbors behind us that we do. We trade the kids on and off, so we all get some quiet time. That's nice.

Then there is the bad news. Schaun is suffering again. It is frustrating. He hurts and seems incurable. He went to a bunch of doctors last year and they couldn't find anything wrong, so that means there is nothing to treat. The problem with that is he is still having a lot of pain.

We just had a major thunderstorm pass thru. The girls HATE thunder. I can't convince them that noise doesn't hurt you. Now it is just dreary and dark. I guess it is a good cleaning day. Better get busy.


Shawn said...

So glad your van is fixed! I keep telling Bethany the thunder is talking to the clouds to bring the rain, it works :) hehe Hope your hubby feels better soon. Nothing worse than being in pain.

Maricar said...

I'm glad the girls enjoy their neighbors! And, I'm sorry to hear that Schaun isn't healed. Hurting without anything physiological to treat ... that has to be one of the worse situations!