Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Furniture

So exciting! We picked out all the big things we need for the house. We spent about five hours at Nebraska Furniture Mart today. I have only been there one other time and I had forgot how big that place is. It is a good thing that I had some idea what I wanted. Going there without a plan would be over-whelming. We choose a sofa that is a 2-piece sectional with a chaise attached (that is the second piece). I wanted a big over-sized chair and AUTOMAN (LOL, this cracks me up! I saw this spelling in a Craig's list ad and I'm still getting a good chuckle from it)--okay, chair and ottoman is what I had in mind. I really love the whole chaise thing, so I got another separate one. (It is the one in the picture here)

We agreed on a white bedroom set. That will look so pretty with the light blue walls I am going to paint. I hope that I have a good memory of the color of the wood in the kitchen. I think we picked out the perfect table. I had my heart set on a table with chairs and a bench on one side and they had it.

They had some cute kids beds. Becca really needs a bed. She just has a frame and mattress, no cute headboard. She decided she wants sort of a garden themed room and I hope we can hook her up with a picket fence headboard. But today we saw this bed she loved. It was a loft bed (not as tall as a bunk bed) with a SLIDE attached to it. Under the bed was just space but there was a curtain that pulled closed. It was a cute bed and very reasonable price, but it was bright red, blue, and yellow. Not very garden like. We'll see if she keeps talking about it.

Very exciting stuff!


Kristin Michelle said...

im glad the trip was a success!

KELLY said...

Well that sounds like a fun trip. I couldn't imagine staying at a store for 5 hours with my kids. They'd have to call security. (On me.)

I'm envious of this fun you are having!

Lisa said...

Wowzers! Sounds like so much fun!

Shawn said...

woo hoo I love that color so pretty!

Micki said...


So happy to hear about your fun and after all who doesn't love shopping?!

Enjoy this wonderful time and don't forget to scrap about it!

Mcmuffy said...

It's so exciting getting to new furniture and a new house. Love the chair. Glad you found what you wanted.