Saturday, February 09, 2008

Not my lettuce!

As I'm sure I have said before, Becca loves lettuce. Sometimes if she asks for a snack, she will tell me she wants some lettuce. It is a bit odd, but it's better than candy. Tonight we were talking to the girls about pets. They were telling us about the things they want to own. I explained that nobody would get anything until we lighten our current load. But they just kept wishing. Bridget settled on a guinea pig. She asked Schaun what they eat and he told her special food, carrots, and lettuce. Becca looked startled and said "NOT MY LETTUCE!".

I had to tell her that if this little animal comes to live with us we will have different lettuce for it--not hers.


Lisa said...

That is the cutest thing!

Kristin Michelle said...

that is my Becca!
she just cracks me up!

jrchaard said...

What kind of lettuce, iceberg, romaine, kale, spinach. You could mix them all up for a snack.