Sunday, September 02, 2007

Call your mom

Friday my husband asked me to call my mom to see if she could watch the girls Saturday night. I told him I would check with her later. I had just got off the phone with her and she already told me how tired she was. My mom and I had agreed to go visit my gramma in the morning, so I knew I was going to see and speak with her soon enough.

While visiting gramma I asked mom if she would come babysit that night (Sat night). She said no problem. So Schaun and I go out. We had a yummy dinner and a really nice time together at the Yard House. I had a strawberry mojito and it was so good! (Thanks Mark for hooking me on those) It was shocking how crowded Legends was! We had to drive around searching and wating for a parking spot. That place is going to be a madhouse at Christmas. We made a pit stop at Rocky Mountain Chocolate on the way to the car--I LOVE their apples! We found a new treat there too. They had chocolate covered Twinkies! We haven't tried it yet, but it sounds delish!

We head home making guesses on if Bridget would still be up. It was around 10:00 and she can do that time easy enough. When we walked in and I saw a little wiggle under the blanket next to my mom I knew that wasn't Bridget. Bridget was zonked but Becca was still up! They were watching Titanic together and Becca was just engrossed with it. She was telling me how the big boat hit the ice and all the people were falling down and the boat was sinking.

I normally would not let my kids watch movies like this. But this is what my mom likes to watch when she is here and Titanic really isn't that bad. It isn't exactly three-year-old material, but it could be worse. Other movies that Bridget and mom have watched together on our date nights are Troy and Braveheart. They are have historical and educational value to them. Right?

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