Sunday, September 02, 2007

Planning ahead

I like to have the girls Halloween costumes decided on long before October 31 rolls around. Mostly, to avoid an incident like this.

LOL! This is my sister dressed as, well, I'm not sure. My brother is a vampire. My dear, sweet Norma (that I'm sure adores this photo and still loves me even though I posted this) and myself. Do you see that we are clearly punk rockers? Hmmmmm. What are those ever so cool rockers wearing? Looks like trash bags. That just couldn't be, could it?

Trashbags are the reason for my planning ahead.

So far, Bridget has only wanted to be princesses and fairies on Halloween. I told her to pick something different this year. Is that wrong? I don't really care what she is, I just don't want her to look back at the photos someday, and see the same thing year after year. I'm really looking out for her best interest by making her choose something different. She has decided on a witch--a nice witch not a scary one. Becca decided early this year that she wanted to be a penguin. Easy enough. Penguin costumes are not that cute, but she will be cute in it I'm sure.


Micki W. Hill said...

Oh. My. Word.
That is just too funny!

Kristin Michelle said...

wow...this was super-nice of you to post this pretty picture!

im off to find some of my own photos!

Kerry said...

It's a Halloween picture! It's not suppose to be pretty. Look at me!