Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I know you really want to see pictures, but I'm having some problems with blogger, so I'll have to try and post them later.

Since early this year, Bridget knew she wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween, Since we already had the "official" Barbie as Rapunzel dress, we just needed hair and poof, she was ready. Becca was not that easy. Before I had even thought about what she would be Schaun had convinced her she wanted to be a scary monster. Well, they don't make monster costumes in her size that I could find anyways). Sooooooo, I decided to make one myself. I bought this soft, pretty fabric and a pattern. I really do not know how to sew. I enlisted the help of my gramma and on Monday we sewed it together. The pretty fabric turned out to be very difficult to actually sew on, but we managed.

We started our adventure with a trip to Schaun's office. Then we went to my mom's and got some goodies there. Next we went to Schaun's mom's. The girls were a little sad that Papa was not there, but they got over it when the candy started flowing. We trick or treated over in Gramma's neighborhood until we were just too cold. Bridget was so good when people would tell her to take one or two pieces. Both girls were so polite, thanking everybody. It was a fun night, even if it was cold.


Annette said...

Your post made me remember taking the kids to Farmland to trick or treat. Thanks! So fun!

Sara said...

Sigh.. we missed Halloween. Glad you had fun, though!