Sunday, November 12, 2006

Date Night

Schaun and I needed a night out. We were snapping at the girls and I hate that. I called my mom. Very thankful that she is usually willing to come over and babysit.

We went and had dinner at the Longbranch. We had some decent steaks, deliecious baked potatoes, and I love their cheese bread. It was early, so then we went to the Mall. We are having a family photo taken soon and we need some coordinating clothes. I didn't have any luck with that, but I was thankful to just get out and just be with Schaun for a few hours.


Micki W. Hill said...

Ah yes Date night. Time to recharge thsoe batteries. We try to make it once a month every month, but with DH's new scehdule that doesn't seem to be happeneing. Kudos for makign it happen at your house Kerry!

Market Smart said...

Date night. I miss those. We've started "date lunch"......that's been working well so far :)