Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday fun

This morning the girls requested that we go to visit gramma and big gramma. They call my gramma, Big Gramma instead of Great Gramma. This is something Bridget just said when she learned who people were. And for the record, she is not big--at all. So we went over there and my brother, Kent, was visiting. He took this time to give my girls some flying lessons. Weeee!

Then after nap time and dinner, we went to a nearby playground. Check out that hair on Becca. Does this happen to all sliding kids? I only see it on mine and I think it is hilarious.


SnapDragon said...

OH I LOVE the sliding hair, and that pic of Becca in the air is so so so cool - I think that's my fave of her so far. Bridget is looking queenly, as usual! =)

Shawn said...

I love that hair! Makes me think of Deanna Rose :)Looks like you all had a good Saturday....even with the forum being down!