Saturday, July 08, 2006

Blog challenge {Finding out I was pregnant}

We had been married for five years. I am pretty sure people thought we were not going to have children. I stopped taking my birth control in April 2000. This was scarey for me. I was married and made a decision to stop it, but it was still weird to me. I had been taking it for soooo long. I figured it would take my body a few months to figure out what happened before I got pregnant. It took 1 year and 3 months for it to figure out what I wanted. We didn't tell a single soul that we were trying. But when that month rolled around I knew right way that it had finally happened. I had to wait to take the test because it was too soon for it to work. I bought several tests as I had been taking for them for months at this point. Sam's club had the best deal on them by the way. I took this one and there was the faintest double pink line. I called Schaun at work and told him to come home right away and look at it. He saw it too. We were so excited, but cautiously so. We needed medical verification. So the next morning I went to the doctor and had a blood test and it was all for real after that point. Bridget was born February 26, 2002.


Shawn said...

Thanks for sharing Kerry! So how did Becca come along? :)

SnapDragon said...

I love that story.. I swear, you and Shawn are the only people I know that actually PLANNED their first pregnancies. =)