Monday, July 17, 2006

I was a cheer leader

First I need to say that in real life there are not all the E's in Cheer Leader. My stitching program did that and I don't know how to fix it.

Second I need to say LOOK at the awful hair cut!!!!!!! I'm sure this is something my mom talked me into. This is an example of mother NOT always knowing what's best.

Third, if you want to know what all the journaling says, here it is:

Hickman Mills High School 1986-1987 My Freshman year I tried out for cheerleader. I really had not thought about doing this, but one of my good friends talked me into it. We had to go through several clinics to learn the cheers and jumps. I really didn’t have my heart set on actually getting picked, so I wasn’t really nervous. During the try-outs you fill out this card requesting the squad you would like to be on along with your second and third choices. Then came hours of watching each girl go up and perform. I have no memory of actually getting up there and doing my routine. When everyone is done the judges take a couple hours to decide and they come back and give the results. When my name was called I was very shocked. Then I learned that I had been called for my first choice and I had picked a varsity squad! The Cougarettes squad was my first choice. They cheered for Volleyball and Wrestling (no outside sports for me). So here I was, no real desire for this, but after I was chosen, I was really thrilled. I was a Freshman and they had just put me on a varsity squad. I just couldn’t believe it. After it was all over, I went to a friend’s house where I called my mom and gave her the results. She couldn’t believe it either. I think she actually asked me if I was sure they calculated it correct. I told her it was correct and I was in. She was really happy for me, just a bit shocked like me.


Shawn said...

I love it! what program are you using??

Kerry said...

I use ArcSoft to stitch my lo's together. This has never happened before.

Shawn said...

I may have to try that, I love it! :)

SnapDragon said...

I love that you used this for the challenge.. I think it's awesome. And Kerrybear, we all had that haircur. Ok, most of us.