Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Happy Father's Day BBQ

We had a Father's Day fest today. I have told Schaun that this seems like a lot of work to do on his day. He seems to love it enough not to care about that. Yesterday he smoked a pork shoulder, and some sausage. Today he smoked ribs and grilled ears of corn, burgers, and some other chopped veggies. My family was all here and most of his family all came out. The kids had a great time playing in the pool. Bridget got in and didn't come out for hours. Becca got in for a short time, then she wanted her swim suit off. We went inside and got her clothes back on and then guess what? She went straight in the sprinkler and then climbed back in the pool fully dressed. Silly kid!That pic of the fire was under control. Don't be worried. Schaun cooks the veggies this way. Do you see how close his hand is to that huge fire? It only lasts for a couple seconds and then it is gone, but it scares me everytime.


Micki W. Hill said...

Hope that you had a great time. One question tho'...where's my ribs? Hee hee hee

Shawn said...

Looks like you all had a fun Fathers Day!