Friday, June 09, 2006

If I won the lottery

If I won the lottery today the first thing I would do is pay off all our debt of course (along with all immediate family's). I would buy a house that was big enough, but not a mansion. I'm thinking white with a wrap around porch, very Victorian looking. More important than the house would be the stables for our new horses. I would be a riding fool. I am going to try and convince Stacy to come be our live in nanny. I need a cook--that would solve a lot of issues around here. A trainer for my riding. I hope the girls will grow to love horses too. But if not, we will find their thing. I think we need a pool too. That would be perfect.

Schaun will need a sound proof room in this house. Or we could just build him his own little place. He could go there and listen to music as loud as he wanted. Play video games and just have a good ol' boys place. I'm sure he will not even finish the day at his job when I tell him we won!

I would buy my mom a house. And we would probably need a place in London too. We could share that though. Basically whatever mom wanted she would have.

My in-laws have always talked of retiring at the Lake. So we would set them up with that.

I'm not sure what my sister would want. Some funny money to shop with for sure. A new car equipped with a driver. She hates to drive.

My brother wants to become a chef. So culinary school for him. Paris maybe?

Vacations will be so much better. Stay at the best places and have lots of help with everything.

Well, that is what I'd start with. That will keep me busy for while.

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SnapDragon said...

Ok, so I love the wrap-around-porch-house idea, and I think you should get Kristin one of those cars like in Men In Black II - with the driver that pops up, KWIM?