Friday, May 19, 2006

TEN things that I'm thankful for

1. Schaun--for being a great husband, father, provider and that he likes to cook
2. Bridget--for keeping life exciting with her imagination and dramatics
3. Becca-- for making me be patience with her do-it-myselfness
4. My Mom- for instilling a need for my independence
5. Kristin-- for always seeing the other side of things
6. Stacy-- for being the best "babysitter" EVER
7. Oprah--for her work to educate children and empower women
8. books and magazines for endless inspiration and entertainment
9. chocolate
10. My camera and photos--my memory is not that good
a little extra.......
TiVo, callerID, cell phones, mini-vans, and the internet


SnapDragon said...

Good good good list.. didn't think about the internet. Duh. You know, Sara, that thing you're TALKING TO PEOPLE ON RIGHT NOW.

Shawn said...

yup love all of em can relate to #7-10 :)

Annette said...

#10 - EXACTLy why I take so many pictures. that is the only way I can remember stuff!

Stacy said...

To think nice things were being said (written) about me and I didn't even know it. I didn't even know you had a blog. You blogger you.