Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Perfect Weather....finally

We have been waiting for a day like this. Sunny and warm. Finally!

This is where we went. I think this is a great playground. Since Bridget believes that she is a princess, she should play in a castle. There were a lot of kids there--as I expected on this perfect day. But the more the merrier. Bridget just joins in with them. She makes friends easy. Becca is not sure of the slides yet. She likes to go to the top and just hang out there. It makes me nervous that one of the bigger kids will knock her down. I only let her hand out up there for a while before I bring her back down. She is just as happy running off in the trees and grass alone. So it is hard to please them both. Once is all social and the other not so much. But when it is time to leave and they are both unhappy about that, then it seems to me they both had a good time.


SnapDragon said...

SURELY that's not the only picture you got of your beautiful girls.. more please! =)

Maricar said...

Oh, tell me where this playground is -- so so cool!