Monday, May 22, 2006

Around my neighborhood

I like to take the girls for a walk in the evenings. As we were walking the other day I started to notice some things that I don't think are typical. This picture doesn't show it as vivid as it is, but the top pic, that house is PINK. It is not pretty. I like that mailbox. I think it is interesting. Then there is the house that doesn't know where they live. This house looks like it is in the middle of a forest. They have a fence made out of logs along the front, overgrown pine trees, and it is not terribly messy looking. It just doesn't fit into a suburban neighborhood. Then there is the house without yard. They tore out all the grass and replaced it with rocks. A few shrubs and trees, but no mowing for them. Then of course I always see my girls. Becca likes to walk behind me. Whenever I turn to snap a photo, she yells at me to "go mommy walk!" and Bridget who weeds all the yards by picking all the dandelions.


Shawn said...

So is that where KM is moving? To that pink house? :)

DanaRunaway said...

I liked your perspective on your neighborhood...felt like I was their with you on your walk!

Your girls are as cute as they can be!