Monday, April 03, 2006

Smile Run Play Laugh with Me

This page is really what Becca is all about. Smiling, running, playing, and laughing.... then add the serious stubborn streak, and that sums her up.

Today we went out for a two hour fiasco-oh, I meant a nice walk to the playground. Little Miss Stubborn got it in her head that she would rather walk the mile to the park than ride in the wagon. So I should have just went back home, but it was so nice out and we didn't have any other plans, so we just kept going--but at two year old Becca speed. Hence the two hour trip.

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SnapDragon said...

We had the exact same fiasco - I mean trip to the park. WTDW them not riding in their wagons today? To nice out to be passive, I guess. FANTASTIC way to use that paper, btw. Did you do this today?!? I wish I could scrap at home.. =(