Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wow! Go take a peek at this.

Wow! I like to browse the 2 peas gallery. You never know what you will see. Last night I saw this...I promise it is worth your time to take a look......

I can't imagine how long it took to do this. I can't imagine having the talent to do this.

I was all excited yesterday because I submitted my layout that is posted below to the Basic Grey on-line gallery and it was accepted. Okay, I am still excited today too!


SnapDragon said...

Yup.. way too cool. Wish I had that talent. Or that level of patience. Or the time.. hehe. Oh well, fun to look at! Congrats again on the BG gallery acceptance!

DanaRunaway said...

That is awesome Kerry! How do we see your work at BG? Is there a website to look at? I mean I've already seen it but it would be cool to see where ever it is being published at also! Congrats!

Oh my gosh that artwork on the link you had here was really neat. I sat and look for the things she said were in the paper.

Market Smart said...

Wow, Kerry, I always miss stuff like that on Two Peas. I wish I could do stuff like that!! TFS.

Congrats again on the BG gallery...the first of many, I'll bet :)