Saturday, April 01, 2006


Dressed Bridget in some normal clothes today. I guess that is normal by my standard, because hers always involves a dress or slippers of some sort. So the first chance she had, she went to her room, pulled out the dress she wore for her birthday and changed into it. Schaun was outside doing yard stuff and I went out to see what he was doing and out she came--all pink and sparkles.

I went and grabbed my camera and then she told me we were going for a walk. I didn't argue, it was beautiful out. So we are walking around the neighborhood and she (always having to be line leader) turned and said that she was happy that I could keep her company and that the birds were beautiful. Isn't that sweet!


SnapDragon said...

PINK AND SPARKLES?!?! I dunno who *she* takes after..

Way cute pic, btw -- and I love her "keeping company" comments.

DanaRunaway said...

Ooh how sweet the picture and the story! :)