Friday, March 31, 2006

I had a great day. I had lunch with a bunch of fellow scrapbookers. It was fun and yummy too! It is nice to be around people that share and love the same hobby as you do.

I took both Bridget and Becca with me. They both behaved all day--what a relief! Bridget is predictable--Becca not so much. Kristin (my sister) was there and she was a huge help.

Did you notice my fancy banner and actual links? My personal fairy sprinkled her dust on my blog and made it perfect!

What else? My American Idol prediction was pretty good. Lisa got the boot this week, but I was surprised that Bucky wasn't in the bottom three.


Maricar said...

Kerry, I had fun meeting you and your girls yesterday. They were very good - it was KM you need to worry about! Will we see you on Sunday?

Market Smart said...

Bridget & Becca were so sweet (and cute to boot). I'm so glad you brought them along.