Saturday, January 01, 2011

Here I am again!

After I reclaimed my blog in October, I then neglected it soon enough huh?

I have been an absolute slacker with my camera. Thanksgiving and Christmas went by photo-less. Sad. In early December the girls participated in a cheerleading competition. They have been in this before and they ended up in third place previously.  so the goal this time was to move up of course. It was harder this time because they were in a class higher and most of the girls were older than them. In spite of that, they took second place. This is great for them because first and second places move on to the regional competition. That is in a couple weeks. While at the girls were cheering, I was so busy cheering them on I forgot to snap a photo of the group. So, I have a couple pics of them at the end with the trophies. If they don't look as excited and two kids that just took a well earned second place, that's because we had to arrive at this event EARLY in the morning.

The other photo is obviously from our trip to visit Santa. We always go to the Bass Pro Shop where they set up this nice "winter wonderland" scene. 

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