Friday, June 05, 2009

a night out on the town

After I talked Schaun into going to Old Shawnee Days last night, it was a big disappointment. It was so crowded that we could not even walk around. The girls were so excited to go and ride the ferras wheel and other rides. That was not to be. We bought them each a huge thing of cotton candy, played one game and left. Becca was most unhappy to say the least. She put on her best pouty/angry face, acted out the appropriate actions for such face, but it did her no good. There was nothing to be done, but leave. The lines were so long--I had flashbacks to Disney lines.

We left and drove over to Antioch Park and that seemed to make thing all better. The girls ran off to the playground and made new friends in about 2.5 seconds. These new friends happened to be part of a large Hispanic family. Not that I even would have mentioned that except for as they were running I heard Becca say " Come on amigos!". Really? She called them amigos? There was something awkward about it.

This weekend is busy. Today I am giving a massage and tonight the girls have work rehearsal for their dance recital on Sunday. Tomorrow, Bridget and I have a Girl Scout camp thing in a local park. Don't worry, there are cabins for me....I mean us. We have to leave the park and head over to the school for the dress rehearsal then return to sleep in the park. So Bridget will be running around on trails and playing in a park, leave and have to get all prettied up for dress rehearsal and then return to the park. Bad planning by me. Then Sunday is the actual dance recital. Have I mentioned my dislike of driving before?

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