Monday, December 08, 2008

December already

I cannot believe that Christmas is so close! Wow! Catch up time.

First, I started reading the Twilight series. I was not going to read these. I do not like vampire stories. It was getting to the point where everywhere I went these books seemed to be the topic of discussion. I was feeling left out. I decided to just read the first one, to have a little input and to assure myself that I do not like vampire stories. I am a sucker for great love stories though--and that is what this turned into. I read the first two books this weekend.

It seems like a blur of time since Thanksgiving. I feel like I am busy a lot, but not much has happened. I thought Bridget had pick eye, but turns out she has a sinus infection that I didn't notice any signs to. Becca has developed a hearing problem. It only seems to be related to hearing her parents, but it is getting to be a problem.

We have some Christmas decorations up and things are looking pretty. We put the tree up Saturday. I felt sad when it was done. After getting out the ornaments and realizing how many my Gramma had given us.

Yesterday I had a cookie exchange with some good friends. It was a good time. We do not see each other near enough. Now I have way too many cookies in the house. Yum!

I have some pictures that I have been taking of my baby birds. I'll post them later.

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Sorry you felt sad after putting up your tree, I am sure your grandmother would not want that. You know that I LOVE all things Christmas. We need to see you guys, but it will probably be after we get back. There is very little time between now and the time we leave.