Friday, October 17, 2008

So tired!

Yesterday Becca fell asleep on the sofa. If she falls asleep (before bedtime) it is usually as soon as we get home from school, or my favorite time (laced in sarcasm) is just before I have dinner ready. Yesterday it was the dinner time nap. Just as we were finishing our meal, she got up and started to head up the stairs. I called her name and told her we were in the kitchen. She just stood there looking blank. I thought maybe she was sleep walking. This is not a normal thing for her to do. Then she just got situated on the steps and went back to sleep. Poor girl! So sleepy!


Kristin Michelle said...

Becca looks like she has grown! If you had not said it was Becca I would have thought it was Bridget laying there!

Lisa said...

Awwww....poor thing!

5CheeryO's said...

My favorite fall asleep times are in the car on the way home from anywhere right before nap time or bed time... It is just enough sleep to not sleep when we get home but to be REALLY grumpy!