Friday, October 17, 2008

Love chocolate?

I do! I have come to accept a few things in life. Things like, wine--it is the "thing" to drink in social settings. I don't like it. It is like coffee to me, just too bitter. I drank it for many years trying to like it, but I don't and I'm done with it.

I love chocolate. I am really not interested in a dessert or treat if there is not chocolate involved. There are a few exceptions like pies and lemon treats, but I'm picky about those too. Just make it chocolate and life is good.

These are the cookies I made this week. The Montessori school is doing the annual fund raising for the Make-A-Wish group. They asked the teachers to provide the baked goods. This was my creation and they all sold!


Kristin Michelle said...

yeah...i so would have bought those! they look delicious!

Lisa said...

Mmmmmmmm those look yummy!! Makes me want to bake today.

Kristin Michelle said...

hehe!! seeing those cookies make Lisa want to bake and it makes me want to eat!

Shawn said...

You had better make those for the cookie swap!!!!