Thursday, August 07, 2008

Van update

Yesterday I did a lot of reading about the ABS warning light problem in Windstars. It seems to be a common problem in 01-03's and it seems to be aggravated by heat. I have noticed that I don't have any problems with it all winter. I kept telling the service people that it was heat related. That is a real trigger for the lights.

Ford issued a recall for a similar problem in the Escape because it was causing fires. There have been a few fires with the Windstars, but I guess not enough. There doesn't seem to be s simple fix. Some people have replace the ABS module and the lights come back on. What I was reading though, they determined that the 40W fuses #101 & 102 should be pulled. It will cause the lights to stay on. They feel this is the cause of Windstar fires.

So I went back to Shore yesterday. They were impressed with my research and promptly did what I asked. Plug the ABS system back in and take out those two fuses. Now, the lights are on all the time and this makes me feel better about reducing a risk of a fire. This does not disconnect the ABS system though. I still have the thumping noise which is my ABS system kicking in while I drive. Ugh!

I'm going to read a little more and try and find out if the ABS can be disconnected without losing speed controls. That would be ideal. It seems a lot of people are just so annoyed by the lights they go to all this trouble to make them shut off. I can live with the lights--I have been for the last year. I do not like the thumping.

Now I'm looking forward to cooler days so this will just go aways for a few months.

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