Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's funny how things work sometimes

Today started with my decision that this was the day Bridget needed to return to the doctor's office for the second to last shot she needs. Once again they tried to push all the shots on us at once, tried to tell me that we must have two chickenpox shots...blah, blah, blah. We got the one shot and left. This one was a little more "stingy" than the last. There were a few tears shed, but she was trooper for the most part. I told the girls that we would go swimming after the shot and lunch.

At home, I called the indoor pool at the rec center for the hours today and they informed me the pool is closed until the 22nd. Bummer!

So I offered to take them to Deanna Rose for the afternoon. That was almost as good. You don't get to use your new goggles there, but they were happy to go.

We get there, park, and start walking to the entrance. Then this white van that I recognize pulls around the corner. It is my sil and all my nieces and nephews. What are the chances? So we enjoyed the day with them walking around and playing. Max said that Bridget was his best friend and Kynzie told me about her crazy dream. Bridget and Becca led the pack of us around. Dennis and Daniel slept almost the entire time. Dennis was awake a little more, looking around and sucking his thumb--so cute!( I hope I have the right name with the proper twin) I had a really nice time and was glad the pool was closed. Tonya told me why they were over in the area here, but I forgot. Weird that neither of us planned this outing!

(I cannot get the captions with the photos! So annoying!)

Bridget and Becca leading the way.

Cute bunnies. Look--they put out ice packs for them to sit on.

In the school house.

Playing in the water is always the best part!

Delainey being thankful she didn't have to push a stroller :-)

Daniel in his awake moment.

Dennis sucking his thumb


Kristin Michelle said...

what a cute bunch of kids!
what a great surprise to run into them it was much more fun for the girls to have there cousins there!

Lisa said...

Awesome pics....I just wanna scoop up those two babies!! What a fun day.