Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Review

This was a fun weekend. Saturday we surprised the girls (especially Becca) by taking them to Day Out with Thomas. We told the girls we were driving out to the country to meet somebody special. The event happens in Baldwin City at their train depot. They didn't quite get the "drive in the country" part as they thought we were going to see our friend Craig that lives in England. So this event includes activities like a moonwalk, magic show, lots of Thomas displays for the kids to play with, a firetruck, and the best part--a ride on Thomas the train! When we parked we told the girls what we were doing and they were bouncing around excited. "This is the best day of my life" was heard many times from Becca. When boarding the train you get to choose what car you ride on. We picked the caboose, it was open and the other cars were enclosed. I am certain that Becca was disappointed in the ride. When we started off I asked what she thought we would see and she said "Thomas' world". I don't know what his world includes, but lots of green farm land probably isn't what she thought, but is what we saw.

Here are the girls getting the temporary tattoos.

Here Bridget is helping the magician with a trick. She was not so impressed. This guy was not near as good as the magician at Becca's party.

On the train, one of the worker people offered to take our photo. I guess seeing Becca's face was not important. He told Bridget to stand up because he couldn't see her, but whatever.

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day. The past few years we have had a big BBQ blow-out, but that didn't happen this year. We stayed home and Schaun smoked some ribs and a tenderloin. The girls each chose the gift they wanted to give him this year. Becca knew, without hesitation that she wanted to five him flowers and chocolates. So cute and funny. Bridget wanted to give him a new video game. I told her he really only plays the one game. She considered a movie, but then she saw the "World's Greatest Dad" shirt and hat combo and that was hew choice. The card was great too. The girls really like the musical cards and they found a Father's Day card with Tinker Bell and played Disney music. Schaun told the girls how lucky he was to be their Daddy. They were really proud of their choices.


Shawn said...

Awww that looks like so much fun! We may have to do it next time. :)

Annette said...

I love Thomas the Tank Engine!! Looks like a lot of fun. Except for that family picture of course!