Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dance Recital 2008

I am a bit behind in posting about the girls dance recital last weekend. The dance classes start in August, and they actually start working on the recital dance around Christmas, with the actual recital scheduled in June. So, my girls have been doing the same dance for about 6 months. I stay during each class and have watched the progress each week. I say progress, but I really didn't feel like there was enough. Bridget's teacher never spent one minute of individual time with any of the kids. Even on some weeks when only 1/2 the class showed up--that was a disappointment. Becca's teacher was absent about 25% of the time. The weeks she was gone, there were sub teachers, but they didn't know the routine to practice it. So how are 4 year olds suppose to know this routine? I was disappointed with her too. On top of teacher issues, Becca is a clown in class. She listens and pays attention enough of the time to appear like a good student, but when it is the whole group doing the dance and practicing the routine, she would goof off and make faces and do her own thing.

The recital requires a practice on Friday and Saturday nights. The show is on Sunday. During both practices, Becca basically stood on the stage and watched the other girls dance. I thought, "well, it's good she is so cute just standing there". Bridget got better each practice. She really knew the routine. I knew she would be great.

So during the show I was completely shocked when Becca came out and did the whole dance! That little stinker knew almost every move and smiled while she did it. I was so proud and excited. Becca's dance was to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.

Bridget's dance was to All That Jazz. I was not a fan of the construction cone orange costumes, but since she is still small and cute, it worked. Now let me tell you about this little show off. When they walked out there was some serious hip shaking going on. The best part of the routine was the shimmy. These girls were so cute. They all shimmy different and basically look really silly. The audience loved it and we did too!

Also this year was Kelsie's last year. As a Senior, they can do a solo act if they want. Kelsie gave a beautiful performance.


Kelsie said...

its about time. my arms look ridiculous in all of those pictures.

Have you decided where to send them yet?

Kristin Michelle said...

they were super cute in there little costumes!
becca doing the boogie and bridget shimmin....too freakin cute!
kelsie's solo was really pretty! she looked so graceful up there!
even though the weather sucked it was an awesome recital!

Annette said...

Becca looks great! I bet she's going to be a great dancer!

Maricar said...

Oh maybe my Bekah does need to do dance. Love the pics Kerry.