Friday, May 09, 2008

Things that make me laugh

I was looking at the presents we are giving Becca for her birthday. Here is why I laugh.

Lots of Thomas the Train stuff. She had never seen any Thomas show before we VERY recently borrowed a tape from the library . This was AFTER she requested a Thomas themed party.

Geo Tracks stuff. This makes sense as she got a great set at Christmas and she wants to add to it.

Dora Leapster game. Dora is a constant in her life.

Ready for more?

Shirley Temple dvd's. Yep, we see commercials for these shows and she LOVES them.

Other things she would like (that I'm pretty sure she will get) are her OWN Dr. Suess books, a golf toy, the Bee movie, oh and a calculator.

Bridget is almost always straight forward Barbie, princess, fairy, girly, girl stuff. It is much harder to keep up with Becca.


Shawn said...

Happy Bday to Becca!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mcmuffy said...

Happy birthday Becca. What a great bunch of gifts!