Thursday, May 08, 2008

Random things

1. Today is Schaun's birthday, Happy Birthday to my hubby! He took the day off and it looks like it is going to be a nice one.

2. Saturday is Becca's birthday party at 11:00(her actual day is Sunday). I did not mail out invites, so if you didn't get one, don't feel bad--no one did. I think it is covered though. Saturday is actually my nephew Max's birthday. So much to celebrate in May and so little weekends!

3. I have the permit and have chatted with the fence guy. He said he would be out this week, but I have not seen any sign of him yet. Hopeful that he will get out here today and start.

4. I'm been thinking a lot about what to plant around the house. I've been watching the light and paying attention to water levels in the yard. It is very, very wet here. There are no flower gardens, so we will be starting from scratch.

5. I am getting the painting bug. When we moved, we did the bedrooms and basement. I have blank slates in the living room, dining/playroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. We are thinking that chalkboard paint in the playroom would be fun. I need to know if that is easy to cover though. Someday it will return to a dining room again and I don't think I will want a chalkboard in it.

6. I am becoming increasingly unpopular with the neighborhood brats. I have raised some issues with their moms (some with intent and another just fell in my lap so to speak). Schaun said we will likely be targeted for tee-peeing. The kids that I have issues with are only 10 or so, maybe by the time they are old enough to be loose at night they will have forgot about these things.

7. I need new tires on my van. I HATE spending money on cars.

8. I wish my digital photo frame was set up. (hint hint)

9. The girls dance recital is in a couple weeks. Bridget and her class seem to know their dance fairly well. Becca's class is another story. I guess it is good they are small and cute regardless of what they do on stage. I am irritated with her teacher --the kids might be able to learn the dance if she showed up to teach it consistently. I am not so impressed with the dance school overall. We are moving to a different place next year.

10. The start of peer pressure. Bridget asked me yesterday if I would buy her some Crocs "because everybody else at school has them".


Kelsie said...


She will thank you for that one day.

Kerry said...

Why not?

Shawn said...

Kerry if you want to use that chalkboard paint I would suggest painting a piece of wood then hanging it up. We had a horrible experience with that stuff and it doesn't cover very easily. I hope the party is fun! Tires are expensive, we just put tires on my car and I think of all the cool stuff I coulda bought instead!

Kristin Michelle said...

kelsie kelsie are an aunt...whatever your neices and nephews want you are supposed to make sure they get!
if it becomes a problem later on it is the parents problems not yours!

Kelsie said...

Because one day when Bridget is a fashionista wearing my awesome clothing, she will thank you for not allowing her to wear the ugliest shoes known to man kind and for preventing embarrassment when she is looking back on her childhood pictures with her friends.

Kerry said...

We do not already have any because I do agree that they are so ugly. They must be the most comfy shoes ever made to be so ugly and so popular.

How about I get her some and never take pictures of her feet?

Kelsie said...

People walking down the street or in the mall still have to see her wearing the ugly shoes too. If you buy them and i come over you better hide them or else they will go missing.