Saturday, May 03, 2008

Nothing exciting to report

Not much going on around here. Just the normal day to day, nothing to complain about sort of stuff. That's really a good thing. The girls are totally loving having the little girl behind us to play with. It is nice for me too. They go over and play, they are out of the house for hours at a time, and then they are tired at night.

We did have an incident with the dog today. Our dog Belle, gave Becca a pretty good nip on the face. A few years back Bridget kept blowing in Belle's face. After repeatedly being told not to do that and what Belle could do--Belle did it. She gave Bridget a warning nip. She didn't break the skin, in fact I don't think there was even a mark on her. It did scare her and she has never done stuff like that again. I guess this is a lesson that must be learned the hard way. Becca thinks it is fun to yell and pounce at the dog. Belle doesn't think this is much fun. To make matters worse, Belle is getting a little hard of hearing and she doesn't seems to know what's going on around her all the time. So when Becca pounces at her, it is a disaster waiting--oh, no more waiting, it did happen today. Belle got her on the face. She didn't break the skin, but it is bruised. Ugh. I guess some people would be angry at the dog, but I see this as all Becca's fault. She is a smart kid and she has been warned over and over not to do stuff like this. Bridget has told her what happened to her, but yet, she continued. I hope she learned this lesson.


jrchaard said...

I would have killed the dog, but since being attacked by one, I have no love for them.

Kerry said...

Well, the dog has been part of this family for over 12 years. Killing her for being a dog and sort of defending herself would be drastic and wrong. What lesson would that be? If you mistreat an animal and the animal reacts in animal fashion, then gets punished for that--there is no lesson there. The dog did show restraint. It was a warning and not an attack.

Shawn said...

Ouch. Im glad she is ok! We had a few problems with little ones trying to pick up Annie, she nipped at them also. Those boys who did that (after they were told repeatedly a hundred thousand times) never did it again. Lesson learned.