Thursday, December 06, 2007

Funny Bridget

I don't think it is any secret that the girls have way too much stuff. Getting them to put things away is like pulling teeth. One day, Schaun was tired of it and he took their most precious things and threw them in a trash bag. I was not home, but can only imagine the crying that went along with this BUT they cleaned up to get the precious items back.

Today, I have repeatedly asked them to put a few things away. I come back and NOTHING has been picked up. I ask them if I should give Daddy the trash bag again when he gets home. They start moving really quickly and Bridget says " Mommy, you have no idea how much drama that was" (referring to the first trash bag). She cracks me up!


Lisa said...

That is just too funny! (And I can just see her face when she said it, too!)

Shawn said...

that is too dang funny! It's amazing how that trick works. Of course Bethany just sings the clean up song now and will throw everything away...hehe

Dan said...

I am not sure about that boy.