Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day started out at my mom's house this year. It was Kristin, Mark, Sawyer, Kent, Mom, Christine, and us. Mom was a little uneasy about how the turkey and gravy would turn out, but with some help from Mark and Kent, it was all great. It was a yummy meal and then we had a multitude of desserts that were yummy too. My Mom bought some toys (better late than never right?) for her house and the girls were entertained with those. We stayed and chatted for a while, but had to get home so Becca could nap before our next stop.

Our second stop on Thanksgiving is with Schaun's parents. When I first joined this family we all fit at the the dinner table, those days are long gone. We now need three tables and next year we will need that plus two highchairs! As it always is, the food was delicious! The kids had a good time playing for hours on end. Kynzie and Bridget really connected last night. Becca was Becca and was all over the house. Max is starting to talk with people now and he was lots of fun. He was so cute "driving" in his chair with his plate steering wheel.


Kristin Michelle said...

looks like all the kiddies had fun! did Pam cook all the food???

Shawn said...

Love your pictures and wow that table is gorgeous!! Happy turkey day :)