Thursday, November 22, 2007


This past year has brought with it some change. The most difficult one being my Gramma and her deteriorating health. This year will be the first Thanksgiving I can remember that we are not gathering at my aunt's house with a whole family. Last year I was very, very sick on Thanksgiving, but I didn't tell anybody how sick I really was. I had the feeling that last year would be the last of Thanksgiving as I knew it, so I suffered through it. Looking back it was totally worth it to me to have been there.

There are plenty of good changes. This year started out with an unexplainable pain that Schaun was living with. So, thankfully, he not taking piles of pills to get him through the day now and he feels human again. He started riding last Fall and thru this year his confidence and skills on the bike have grown. The motorcylce "hobby" of his has brought a good balance to our relationship. He is supportive of my scrapbook activities now so that we both have time for things we want to do. Eleven years and things are getting better and better.

Bridget went from a preschooler to Kindergarten. The amount she is learning, her reading and math, astound me. I don't look at her and see a toddler anymore, she is really a great kid to be proud of. She works hard, has many friends, is sensitive, and always wants to help.

Becca started out the year as a little, clingy, sweet two year old. She came out of her shell in August on our vacation. She started preschool in September and is just a whole new child. Friendly, funny, confident, but still really sweet.

My sister. I think she has changed the most. Motherhood has humbled and softened her. She is a great mother (and I was worried if she would be) and continues to be a great Aunt to her nieces and nephews. As a sister we butt heads and have different point of views, but it is a good balance that I need sometimes.

I can see more changes on the way. Congratulation to Kelsie for her accomplishment on being accepted to an elite fashion design school after she graduates next year. And we anticipate the birth of Scott and Tonya's TWINS next May.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends!

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