Monday, September 17, 2007

Stamped Box

This is for my scrappin friends! My attempt at scrapbook humor.

Get it? Stamped box.

Okay. I'll stop, I promise!

I got this in the mail today. All the postage on it made me giggle a little.

Bet you want to know what was in the box right?

A box of goodies from my sweet friend Maricar. We are doing this scavenger swap and she had my name. Inside the cool cigar box that was wrapped in a pretty ribbon was a very clever card, lots and lots of ribbons, flowers, buttons, and many other embellishments!

Thank you Maricar!


Lisa said...

You are crackin' me up with that stamped box!! Fun package....I totally missed that swap :(

Kristin Michelle said...

you are so funny...stamped box (insert eyeroll smiley here!)

lucky girl getting such a good package!

Shawn said...

fun scrapbooking stuff! But I gotta ask are ya gonna use it or just "display" it hehe