Monday, September 17, 2007

It's over

We wrapped up the garage sale about 5:00 on Saturday. I cleared out a bunch of stuff, but still have too much left. I might have to have another one in a few weeks. I'll probably (easily) talk myself out of that because it wasn't fun sitting in the garage all that time.

The girls enjoyed Saturday though. They were able to play outside all day. Bridget was riding her big wheel up and down the sidewalk and Becca would chase after her. Becca has some ride on toys, but she wants what Bridget has of course. We went out Saturday evening to get her a big wheel like her sister, but it was not to be. They only had a boy colored one and in her best pouty face she informed us that "it isn't beautiful" sniff sniff. Poor Becca.

Sunday, hero Daddy ran around until he found a beautiful one. Yeah! She was so happy.

Also, on Sunday, I with my sister, mom, Sawyer, and the girls went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I had the most delicious crab cake sandwich! It was a fun lunch. Sawyer got to try all kinds of food and it was fun to watch. It was a fun lunch!

After lunch we stopped at Costco and bought a cake and flowers for Gramma. She was so happy to see the kids. She was especially happy to see Sawyer. I don't think she expected him to be so big.

It was a busy, fun weekend!

"Look Mom! I'm flying!"

Silly kid.


Lisa said...

LOVE that last pic of Bridget--very cool!

Kristin Michelle said...

we had fun on sunday too! love the photos!