Saturday, September 22, 2007

A great mail day

This morning we ran to Target for a few things. When we returned home there were goodies waiting. I love getting fun mail and so do the girls! Kristin made and sent them both a cute cards. They were both so excited to see their own names on the envelopes and to open something special to them. Thanks Kristin!

There was also a package for me. This was from another scrapbooking swap that I am in. I didn't get a photo before the girls ripped excitedly into it too! It is from Dana T. and she put in a present for each girl. She sent them a little purse and necklace. Oh, and they think the Goldfish crackers are for them too. It also had scrapbook goodies like paper and ribbon, chocolate, gum, and all sorts of things for me! Thanks Dana!

Don't my cuties look so happy to be posing for this photo? Look at those fake smiles. Also, see that dog in the background? Those people have three HUGE dogs. These dogs must be allergic to the grass in their own fenced backyard because they always have to do their business in the front. I think my neighbors also have a religious belief that doesn't allow them to put the huge (seemingly deaf) dogs on leashes. So right before this photo, I had the girls all happy and seated when the herd came running over to greet us. For some reason my small girls do not enjoy seeing these very large dogs running full speed at them. So, the photo was taken after I got rid of the dogs and I made them sit back down. Poor kids having to indulge me and my camera.


Kristin Michelle said...

glad they enjoyed their mail!

Shawn said...

They look so cute and they even match :) Dana is so sweet! Can't wait to see a pic of all your goodies!

Lisa said...

What a fun mail day!!