Sunday, September 23, 2007

Date night

Schaun and I went out last night. We had a fantastic dinner at the Bristol. Schaun had steak and lobster tail. It must have been delicious because he ate every bite. He hardly ever finishes anything so I was shocked. I had way too much and couldn't even start to finish. I started with the giant shrimp (is that an oxy-moron?), then moved to the lobster bisque soup and ceasar salad and then nibbled at my entree of crab cakes, salmon, shrimp, scallops, green beans, and mashed potatoes. It was all so yummy!

After dinner we headed to the Plaza for the art fair. We were not really going to see the art but to meet up with Schaun's parents. They were down listening to the band, so we joined them there. The company and the band was great, the people dancing were entertaining and the weather was perfect!

My mom came to watch the girls while we were out. I wasn't sure what they would be watching or who would be up when we got home. It is always a surprise. It makes me laugh. Thankfully both girls were in bed though. Mom took them to the little park down the street. That wore Bridget out because she went to sleep early while mom and Becca stayed up and watched Superman Returns. Becca loves Superman! Mom said she enjoyed it too.


Lisa said...

Holy moly your dinner sounds good!!! Good for you having date night :)

Shawn said...

Date nights are fun :) Dinner sounds so yummy seafood is our fav!