Saturday, August 11, 2007

Silver Dollar City

Tuesday we decided to go to Silver Dollar City. We might call this Becca's coming out party. Bridget has always been willing to do new things. I never had to talk her into riding a ride or a pony or going in a building to see something. Becca, well I spend a lot of time in failed attempts to get her to do things. At Deanna Rose just last month she would not even think about the pony ride. This same child, took one look at the rides here and transformed! She wanted to ride every single one of them!

It was so much fun with both girls wanting to do things. On the other hand, I have never been so sweaty anytime in my entire life! The girls didn't seem to mind how hot and sweaty we were. We just drank and drank lot of water and walked thru every air-conditioned store we could to get to the next ride.

It was Kid's Fest while we were there. There were clowns and balloons all over the park. Becca couldn't wait to ride the carousel (something she has been unwilling to ever do at Oak Park Mall) so that was really fun for her. Bridget is a pro at that though. I think Bridget liked the water part of the park best. Becca is not to hip on getting sprayed in the face. I didn't get photos of that though because there is no safe place for a camera in that area.

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