Saturday, August 11, 2007

Other things we did

We did a lot of things that I didn't have my camera for. We went to the outlet stores to shop a bit. Not much to photograph there.

We went to a park and rode bumper boats and go-carts. Too wet for the camera there. That was so much fun and that water felt so good! Just for the record, Becca and I won the go-cart race.

There was another park called Celebration City. It is mostly rides. They have this gigantic ferris wheel that the girls were really excited to get on. It was so high up there but no fear from either girl. This park was disappointing for Becca though. She would see something that she really wanted to ride and she would be too little. One ride she spotted from the ferris wheel and we walked over there to find her too small and she started crying. Whole-hearted crying, pure sadness, heart-breaking. At the end of the night they do a laser and fire works show. We missed the beginning, but what we saw was great! Bridget kept asking if it was the Forth of July. She loves fireworks!

We went to this new river walk area. It was all new and nice. The stores there are like stores here, like Disney and chain clothes stores. They have some nice fountains too. Bridget has to throw a coin a make a wish at ALL fountains. She is so sweet.

Did I mention it was hot? It was almost 100 degrees at all these events!

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