Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day at the Zoo

Bridget has been asking me when we are going to the Zoo. We go about once a year. I'll just start this saying that I think the KC Zoo sucks. It is too much walking and too little animals. If we had not vacationed on the sun (aka Branson in 100 degree weather)a few weeks ago then I would have thought today was hot, but it didn't seem that bad. We rode everything available and saw just about everything I think.

As we walked thru the new "improved" zoo I was remembering what it was like when I was young. We had bears, a cool reptile house, the ape house, and easy to get to and view animals. I know that they are making more habitat friendly environments for the animals, but I miss that old zoo. Why don't we have any bears?

Bridget was a trooper and walked the whole zoo. Becca rode leisurely in the stroller. Becca really liked the hippos and Bridget liked the flamingos. We saw the sealion show and a hippo feeding. They drop whole, frozen pineapples in the hippos gigantic mouth!

Oh! We saw the camels in "action" too!

My favorite animal was the meerkats. They are so cute! They just sit there and watch the people watching them. They look like they are posing for the camera and they come when you call them! If I could have a zoo animal, this is the one I want.

When we went thru the aviary there was this fairly large bird sitting on the information display. He just sat there watching us and he posed with us too.


Kristin Michelle said...

shouldnt this come with an pg13 rating?


very cute photos! i like the one of bridget looking at the bird!

Shawn said...

cute pics! kc zoo does suck.