Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

What a busy busy weekend. I can't complain about anything though. We had fun and had perfect weather. Saturday I took the girls and ran some errands then we met up with Schaun and had lunch at our Chinese buffet. Bridget and Becca both love Chinese. Bridget loves the shrimp, she calles them brains. A little weird and gross but a little funny too. Becca loves it all especially if she can dip it in the sweet and sour sauce--nothing like red broccoli.

Saturday evening Schaun and I had a date night. We had dinner at Abuelos at ZonaRosa--it was yummy. Then we headed over to the Legends Mall. That T-Rex place is the coolest place around. I suggest everybody go visit it. Kids or not because who doesn't like dinosaurs?

Sunday we stayed around the house. Cleaned up the yard a bit. Schaun tried to teach Becca to dribble her mini basketball. Bridget starts a soccer class next Saturday and he was trying to give her a little lesson kicking and NOT using your hands. The no hands part was tough for her.

Then we had my brother and sister in law over for dinner. They have three kids so there was something for everybody to keep busy with. Schaun grilled a dinner of steak, corn, and potatoes--it was delicious!

Today we took the girls to Blackbob park where the cool castle playground is. Then we went for a drive. This is an O'Brien fun event. Not one of mine. I really do not enjoy being in the car and driving for no reason --it is just silly to me. But anyways....we drove out to Hillsdale Lake and Louisburg Cider Mill. At the Lake we found a stable. We pulled up just to let the girls look at the horses and the man there waved at us to get out. So we chatted with him for a while, he gave us a little tour and let Bridget sit on his horse, Rebel. Becca didn't want any part of getting on the horse and kept telling me to get Bridgy down.

It was such a nice weekend. I hate to see it end.

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